Forgotten Safe

A picture is worth 1000 words. This safe has been through a lot. Tell its story.

Image credit: “safe” – © 2007 Paul Keller – made available under Attribution 2.0 Generic

This safe has become beaten, and battered. It once held treasures; memories of things once valued. It could have kept secrets hidden away from the world. It was used up until it lost it’s worth; and when it seemed it served no more use; it was discarded to this place.

I can relate with this safe on so many levels, lets reflect on that for a minute. How many friendships did you try to serve; that ended like this for you? How many past relationships? Once it seems you have served your purpose for them, they see no more use and discard you. Even after you safeguarded some of their most treasured secrets.

What about the elderly who become forgotten? When my Mom was battling cancer she stayed in a nursing home. We would visit often; and many times I would notice certain patients never got visitors. It bothered me to think that they had been forgotten! Here lay the best secret keepers; they embodied so much treasure, wisdom beyond your imaginings. I could never understand why anyone would not value our elders; they are the treasures of society.

So my fellow bloggers; please think about relationships, and remember to value them because you just may become a forgotten safe.




Adinah (Josie)

Are you a Prisoner?


I remember seeing this quote a while back; and it really penetrated my soul. I had come to the realization that I had made myself a prisoner; and all of my actions led to my current life. Yep, no one else was to blame…but me myself. So think about that for a moment. The next time your sitting around complaining about your life, take time to make a plan; and change your life.




Adinah (Josie)

Becoming a Great Aunt

So my life changed January 26, 2014~

I became a Great Aunt! I must tell you this is not your typical family. My sister and I are best friends we have shared the most amazing bond that is unbreakable. Although we have had our share of possible disagreements we do not argue. We have always accepted each other in genuine love. So when my sister had my niece Katie I was 15 years old, and I must say it was so exciting. I being the youngest of three big Sisters; was dying to have a baby around!

I remember when my niece was coming home from the hospital it was as if time could not go fast enough; when they finally arrived I was all over my sisters apartment. I wanted to hold my niece, and help with everything. As I got older, and started my own family I was not able to be there for my niece as much as I would have wanted to be. My life became distracted, and I had a lot of growing up to do myself.

When my niece recently found out she was having a baby, I was so happy. This is not only my sisters first “grandchild” but this is to me an opportunity to support my niece, and sister in a way I always wanted too. I am finally at a point in my life where I understand how important “life” is, and how much family means to each other. I feel like I have been given a new chance since starting my conversion to Judaism, and it has transformed me into a person I love being.

I had the opportunity to visit my niece in the hospital the day she gave birth, and the moment I held her daughter in my arms a wave of emotions swept over me. I cried and they were tears of joy; wonder; and awe. I feel so thankful, for my sister; my niece; and my great niece life would certainly not be complete for me without them.

Baruch HaShem~ life is a gift and we thank you G-d for family!

I am so happy to have this beautiful baby in our lives!

I think she is going to bring our families tremendous joy; and healing to aching hearts.





Adinah (Josie)


We Shall Remember


International Holocaust Remembrance Day is January 27th, 2014.

There will be an online event on Facebook too!

You can visit here~:

I wrote this special Poem in honor of every Jew who died~

They tried to silence every Jew erase their existence.

Yet we pray more, teaching Shema to the children with persistence.

Every Shabbos we will light candles with a sense of pride

a bond eternally we are united side by side.

For every good deed of Torah fulfilled your purpose shall live on

a bridge we shall build.

For every prayer we recite, every Passover kept you remain with’re alive

I can close my eyes and almost hear the crowd…

the holy ones have survived.

In unison their voices cry out aloud …

listen mishpocha do you hear?

Come all who are far, all who are near..

Let us go up to the mountain of our King..

Shema Yisrael Adonai Eloheinu, Adonai Echad…shall ring!

Written by~ Adinah  (Aka Josette Robles)

I love this song and thought it is perfect for this~ Enjoy!!




Adinah (Josie)

Manners and Mannerisms

Image Today I was inspired by a gum chewing twenty something, that sparked my awareness to my surroundings. Then all of a sudden every mannerism, or bad habit came to life all around me. I may not have even noticed them had this chain reaction never happened. What is it with writers? We can’t go anywhere without things like this happening to us, can we? I guess it is the spark for us.

Manners, and etiquette have become a thing of the past. I remember growing up in a home where we ate at the dinner table, and my Dad carefully watched to see if we put our elbows on the table. You would sit down at the table, and feel the glare you know that Parental look as if to say; “You know what time it is, so recognize”. I remember grabbing my fork and cutting knife, and holding everything so carefully making sure to hold them all right. We also placed napkins on our laps. I always thought they were just so silly but I am actually very thankful my Dad taught me now that I see how valuable they are to society. I do not know if my generation was the last one to receive these wonderful social respects, or maybe they just became unpopular.

When I see “some” of the youth I am concerned for them. Today at one of my appointments a young lady was so disrespectful to the social worker, and stood there rolling her eyes as she stretched gum out of her mouth with her hands. Another young lady continued to tell the social worker, how inadequate her work was. Since I had quite some time to observe I thought the social worker was doing fine considering the crazy work load, and environment in which she is working. I witnessed the lack of respect, and self worth, it just made me realize how important learning proper etiquette is.

I think the source of the problem is mannerisms, children are sponges, and they soak up everything they are exposed to. How we deal with situations is how they will learn to deal as well. Parents today are distracted more too, and so stressed with bills that many do not have the time to spend with their children. This results in their being witness to aggravated, stressed, burnt out Parents. I have learned the hard way by noticing my flaws surface in some of my kids, and it was such a wake up call! I realized I was the culprit, apologized, and we made a promise to change that.

So now that I brought it up you are probably straightening up in your chair, crossing your legs, and making sure your elbows are not on the table. Got you ;)

On a serious note lets make it our calling to teach these wonderful; respectful values to our children.

Here is a list site to review on etiquette for kids~

Here is a book on Etiquette~




Adinah (Josie)

Breaking the cycle

Did you ever feeImagel like your life is having Dejavu? “This all seems so familiar; I have been here before; how did I allow this to happen again?”

You can be going around until your dizzy enough to break the cycle, and say enough! Redemption can only happen when one truly accepts that they are to blame for the madness they have caused.

I remember always wanting to blame anyone, just one person for the way my life wound up. “It was the school who failed me; or the crappy job who would not pay me enough”. Some even begin to blame G-d but honestly every choice we make places us in the life we now possess.

You will never have peace until you assume the responsibility for your actions, and restore the damage you have done by changing it. I remember crying to my now teens because I realized I was the reason for allowing our lives to be in poverty. I had a choice to return to school, or reverse our life at any time but instead I wasted precious time.

We went in and out of homeless shelters, and moved so many times I almost lost count. I remember realizing the  time to stop waiting on “someone else” to rescue me was now. G-d created us with the ability to think, and He gave us wisdom to live our lives according to His design. I actually learned this from studying Torah, and Judasim. What really impacted my heart was Ezekiel 33, and when G-d told Kayin/Cain in Genesis/Bereishis that sin wanted him but he could master it.

I remember what I learned in religion was totally opposite of what Torah actually said. I thought mankind were helpless individuals who could never get it right, and so it fed my vicious cycle. Religion is so dead, and I was consumed by it! I remember how dead I felt. Then I realized that life is new everyday, and every action; thought; or deed can multiply like a ripple in the water. I realized that the world is in a constant state of renewal, and creation. New life is born every day; the sun rises every day. I wanted to be a part of this life, I wanted to make a difference. I knew that I had an obligation to everyone around me, and my community.

When I really reflected I thought of how some of my Grandparents, or Great Grands are immigrants. They came to this Country with a sense of hope, and dreams to change the future generations. I thought of my Parents struggles too! I started realizing my connection to them, and I did not want to kill their dreams. I recently found my Grandfather may be an Ashkenazi Jew because of the surname “Schramm”, and now the heartache I felt was even greater. I was already considering converting to Judaism so I had a deep love for keeping the traditions alive.

I cried a long hearty cry that day, and said to my G-d; my ancestors; my parents; I will not fail you. I promise to get it together, and make restitution for what I have undone. I truly believe that day was a day of redemption for me. I feel that our ancestors connect all the way back and each generation lays a piece of the bridge we are building, whenever we realize this it is like connecting with them in a way no one can. When we join the restoration of humanity, and join our creators plan our ancestors live with us right in those moments.

I since have gone on to receive my GED, and I am currently preparing to enroll in college. The tuition will be my biggest feat but I know the G-d of Avraham is with me. My major will be journalism, my style will be humanitarian. With the help of my G-d I will travel the world bringing the hidden stories that need to be heard. I choose to be a voice for humanity; a shoulder to cry on; a comforting embrace to those who need it. I want to give everything I have gained away to the world, I want to share my struggles.

I truly feel all of my failures had a purpose too!

Mislei/Proverbs 3:11-12 says~

My son, despise not the chastening of the LORD, neither spurn thou His correction;
For whom the LORD loveth He correcteth,
even as a father the son in whom he delighteth. ~ this is courtesy of

Every action has a consequence good or bad. Just like you make rules in your home if your child were to break it they would be disciplined. Discipline shares a root word with disciple, it is supposed to teach us so we can change. So all of my mistakes brought consequences but they taught me, and motivated me to change.

So will you rise with me? Will you stop the cycle?

I hope to see you soon ;)




Adinah (Josie)



Many people have asked me why I have chosen the course of Modest dress. Some ask if I am Muslim or Amish…LOL yes even Amish. Several people have even made comments like it is old fashioned blah blah blah.

The first reason I made this choice was because of the Torah and G-d. Some of my friends or family call it the old testament but Torah is more than the five books you think. Torah means instruction and can be a deeper explanation on how to live out a specific commandment found in the text.

The passage that I noticed is found in Genesis/Bereishis 24:65~And she said to the servant, “Who is that man walking in the field towards us?” And the servant said, “He is my master.” And she took the veil and covered herself.

This is Rebecca in response to her husband Isaac/Yitzchak. She understood she was now going to belong to him and that she needed to be dressed appropriately. In Numbers 5 it also shows how a woman suspected of Adultery would have her hair exposed, to me it seems as an act of shame.

Now do not get me wrong, Modesty is not just clothing! Modesty is an etiquette your speech, actions, thoughts, everything about the person should be reserved.

I have come to understand that in a marriage a man and woman are like two parts becoming one. Lets face it unless both are willing to work together for the same common goal within the home it is no use. Since studying Judaism, and Torah I started feeling the desire to cover what belongs to my husband. I do this out of respect for HaShem, my husband, myself, my children, and my community.

My community?? How, you ask? ~ Lets think for a second, were you ever in a situation when you looked up and a young woman sat down but her pants were so low cut that her back end was all exposed? You start to feel flustered, not just for yourself but for the individual. Your not sure what to do, it feels so awkward letting them know because what if they do know but just do not care.

Another example did you ever walk outside and see men turning their heads to look at young ladies bottoms? Yes, you see them with another woman too…how awful is this? We are visual creatures and need to stop trying to appeal to being “sexy” because if your married that is only for HIS eyes. The commandment of TzitTzit (fringes worn on the corners by men)  in Torah serves a purpose lets see why~ Bamidbar/Numbers 15:39. This shall be fringes for you, and when you see it, you will remember all the commandments of the Lord to perform them, and you shall not wander after your hearts and after your eyes after which you are going astray.

Eyes can lead you astray so can your heart if are not careful! Okay for all my lady friends how many times have we gone into a department store with a goal for a spending limit, and then see something with our eyes and walk out with it? Men you understand when it is something geared toward your appeal.

The way I feel is my hair and my body is for my husbands eyes only. He will be the only man to ever see them from now on. I feel like my hair is his glory and to just go showing it to every person is not right. Besides don’t you think your husband will appreciate when he sees your body more when he does see it…or your hair…it is like a gift only for him.

~Highlights since covering~

  • I have gained way more respect
    People get up for me on the train all the time, they smile and offer help
  • I have been around a lot of sick people but have not gotten sick
    I am truly feeling it is a blessing for obedience
  • My hair is way more healthy
  • I have gained a new look on life
  • It has opened a door to reach others and is always a wonderful conversation starter ;)

As I bring this to a close I would like to ask you, why do you want everyone to see you so intimately? After a while they have seen it all what is left? Besides looks can be deceiving…as I said earlier one must realize Modesty is a lifestyle, and etiquette not just clothing!




Adinah (Josie)

Technology Overload??



I was at an appointment a few days ago, and was deeply disturbed at how isolated society has become. To start off one Mother was so consumed by her “touch screen device” and playing a game that her 1 1/2 year old was trying to get her attention. Whenever the child tried to get her attention she yelled at him for “interrupting” her game play. It got so bad that the child threw a tantrum wanting to be held but to no avail the Mother would not comfort him.

When I finally got to a seat I looked around and saw the other aspect where Parents have a “gizmo” for even the youngest of children. These kids were simply consumed, and the Parents would shove some sort of device at the child whenever they cried just to keep them quiet. I understand that technology has positive aspects, and can even benefit our children’s education but there has got to be a balance. Children need to be read to, and have personal time with their parents if we are all so consumed or “plugged in” then how will they learn to socialize.

I am a very traditional Parent!

I do not know about you but I love to color with real crayons…not some app. I love to read books to my kids where pages may rip but be repaired! I love to explore nature with my children exploring on top of high rocks, or under shady trees. I love to make Jiffy Pop on the stove top, and snuggle with my kids to watch a movie. I like listening to my children share a book review with me or tell me why the love something so much.

I pray that some Parents read this, and come to the same conclusion I have! Time to manage our time better, and unplug!!


As I was preparing for my long awaited bedtime, I called to my daughter Eliannah to remind her not to forget practicing her bedtime Shema. When I was finished I was going to read it from her siddur with her to see how much she can recall without my help. Her reply from down the hall, “but I am not tired Mama”…I suddenly was struck with the thought, bedtime is like a death sentence for kids. Think about it, I remember my sister and I hanging our heads down the end of the bed nearest to the night light so we could talk, and play! We would stash our cutout dolls under our pillows at night just so we could play with them. Lets face it children want to spend life living, they do not have the time to sleep…they could miss something important. We as Parents look forward to bedtime, sometimes our days are so stressful, and filled with tasks that we long for our pillow.

It seems to me our roles have swapped we became Parents, and now we are in the same position as our Parents were not too long ago. The very nature we loathed we have now become.  I remember thinking my Parents were just being mean, and wanted to have all the fun while we kids slept or that the Parents had some sort of secret Parent network, and that they all had parties while we were sleeping. Oh to be an adult, “you could make your own rules or you could eat whatever you wanted”, this was what I looked forward to. Once we become Parents of course, and we live in the real world we understand that our Parents were trying to balance our health by making sure we rested well, we also understand how precious our sleep is in order to get through our responsibilities.

As I look at my children tonight I now have gained an understanding into how they are feeling, and why! I am also inspired by how much children value their lives, they really know how important “time” is. We should try to remember this the next time we are rushing through the day, and letting life pass by.




Adinah (Josie)

Review for Leelach

Let me first give a brief overview to my readers about who Leelach is. This is a small snippet from their site explaining their story:

Leelach –in Hebrew Lee ve Lach (me and you) is a website created for women who sell their handmade art from their homes and locally. Leelach’s purpose is to help women advertise their art, and tell their personal story so others can see the Israeli reality through the artist’s eyes. sells a wide range of handmade art such as: Judaicaproducts for shabbat and every day,  Modest skirts, modest shirts & modest dressfor women and girls, hair coverings, tichels, unique hair coverings for your fall-sheital, wig, personalized baby gifts,kippot/yarmulakah’s, houswarming gifts, hair accessories and of course gift cardsyou can send to family and friends if you dont know what gift to choose for them. was founded by Nava, who lives in Israel. She makes sure you get the best Israeli Fashion designed by’s amazing well known Israeli Designers.


I recently received my tichel from Leelach that they generously shipped from Israel. Upon arrival the packaging appeared appropriate, and free from mangle. The color patterns were sensational, and perfect for my skin tone. I analyzed the stitches, and found the quality exemplary. I was able to bind the tichel in a myriad of styles, and I even had room to wear a scarf underneath for additional volume when desired.


Above is a top view of the Tichel provided by


Above is a side shot of the tichel provided by


Above is the other side shot tichel provided by


Above is a rear view of the tichel provided by


Above is a front view of the tichel provided by

**So I am very pleased with the quality, and creativity of leelach. I will most certainly be purchasing a few in the future, and I highly recommend them to you all, my dear friends; and readers.

To start your shopping spree visit:

Until next time…..

Blessings; Love; and Shalom

Adinah (Josie)